Former Moree Secondary College student Sandra Ha returns to Moree

REGIONAL CALLING: After returning to Moree as an accountant, Sandra Ha now has a new appreciation for life in the region.

REGIONAL CALLING: After returning to Moree as an accountant, Sandra Ha now has a new appreciation for life in the region.

As a child Sandra Ha always imagined a shimmery future in the big smoke, but having returned to Moree as a graduate of the University of New England, this young accountant has a whole new appreciation for life in our region.

“I returned to Moree to be with my friends and family, and whilst I always thought I’d live in Sydney or Brisbane, now that I’m a bit older I realise how lucky I was to grow up in Moree,” Sandra said.

Completing her education at Moree Secondary College in 2012, Sandra graduated from UNE with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) having already commenced employment at Boyce Chartered Accountants.

“As a community, the people of Moree are always supporting each other and I love that,” she said.

“Now, as an accountant at Boyce I am learning more and more about my hometown, particularly about the farming and agricultural aspects that I’ve never experienced before.

“Learning about our clients, and all the amazing innovators and industry leaders in our community shines a new light on Moree for me, and I’m excited to be involved with them, and in the future of the region.”


As a former student of Moree Secondary College, Sandra believed the school was a reflection on this great community – and loved the close knit, small school environment where individual support was plentiful and everyone knew each other, teachers and students alike.

She admits her favourite teacher was Ms Doherty – “not only was she great at teaching the material we needed to learn, but she was also very supportive and caring as a person”.

Moree Secondary College also encouraged participation, with Sandra involved in the Student Representative Committee, representing the school at both regional and state SRC conferences, and the Moree Youth Council, including a stint on the executive team.

“Moree has given me so much so I’m very conscious to now start giving back, and am enjoying becoming more involved in the community,” she said.

“I have been a part of the Moree Hockey Association since primary school and vice president of the club for the past two years, I've recently become a JP and I also volunteered at Moree on a Plate this year which was great fun.”

Halfway through the Chartered Accountants (CA) Program, recently engaged and having purchased her first home, the decision to return to Moree is certainly paying dividends - and it seems the community has also secured a fabulous asset in this inspirational young professional.