Moree East Public School introduces new uniform

Moree East Public School has got a brand new uniform.

The new uniform – which features maroon t-shirts, navy pants, shorts and skorts, navy bucket hats, maroon jumpers and navy jackets – was introduced at the start of this term after a lengthy consultation and design process, coordinated by the Student Representative Council (SRC).

The idea began at the end of 2016 when the rebuild of their now state-of-the-art school was complete.

Students decided that with a new school, a new uniform was needed.

“They wanted to stand out; new school, new uniform,” Moree East executive principal Lorinda Potter said.


Last year the students had chosen a uniform that they liked based on a list of criteria that they had decided on, however that ended up not being suitable.

“The children had chosen a uniform and when we got the samples we didn’t like it anymore than what we already had,” Ms Potter said.

“So we went back to the drawing board and did another big process with the SRC.

“They chose the quality, the colour, the price and the availability.”

Ms Potter said students wanted to keep maroon in the uniform because it represented Moree East; they didn’t want light blue shirts as too many schools in Moree have them, however they did want to bring in navy pants to make the transition to high school easier.

The light blue details in the t-shirts represents water, while the navy fits with their new sign out the front of the school.

Students also chose a bucket hat to protect them from the sun.

The brief was to look smart but also have something functional and comfortable.

A majority of girls said they didn’t want a dress, so instead the whole school will wear the t-shirts and have navy pants in winter, while boys will wear shorts in summer and girls will wear skorts (shorts but with a piece of fabric at the front resembling a skirt).

“There were strong discussions about it; it wasn’t just the look,” Ms Potter said.

“We considered everything from the feel of the material and whether it would wash well.

“We tried to make it look more cohesive.”

Ms Potter said the new uniform had to be meaningful for the students and as a result, they also designed a brand new emblem.

“The emblem was chosen and designed by them,” she said.

“The sun represents the Moree Plains and also life. The symbol at the bottom means ‘we start our journey, we’re in our journey, we continue our journey’ – past, present and future.

“We do yoga and mindfulness and it’s about the focus being in the present, looking ahead to the future and acknowledging the past.

“We wanted the emblem to be simple and identifiable.”

The reference group had their say on the new uniform, as did the community.

The students also voted, with 100 per cent in favour of this uniform.

“They’re comfortable and they’re really warm,” year six student Ben McElligott said.

“The colours are bright and it’s very good.”

“They’re nice and warm,” year five student Marsha Tighe added.

“It’s comfortable and it’s pretty,” kindergarten student Lillian Nagle said.

“Now I’ve got a newer uniform than my mum.”

The school is now in a process of transition from the old uniform to the new one.

Some students have already begun wearing the new uniform.

“They have been very proudly wearing them,” Ms Potter said.

“It has been very well received; we’ve sold quite a few already, more than we expected.”

The transition period will continue until the end of the year, and by the beginning of next year all students will be required to be in the new uniform.

“It takes the pressure off the kids,” Ms Potter said.

All staff will also have the option of wearing the uniform as a way to unite the whole school.