Letter to the editor: Updated honour roll at Moree Memorial Hall welcomed

The updated honour roll.

The updated honour roll.

My name is Robert Bradbery, a former resident of Moree.

Eight years ago I observed my name was not on the Vietnam Veterans Plaque.

I had grown up in Moree and was conscripted from Moree into the Australian Army on 17 July 1968.

I spent 12 months in Vietnam and I was keen to have my name inscribed on that plaque.

Today my ambition was finally achieved.

I would like to thank the Moree Plains Shire Council for assisting me in achieving this outcome.

More particularly within the MPSC I would like to thank specifically Michelle Van Aarde, Alan Lawrance and the Mayor Katrina Humphries.

Another Moree Vietnam Veteran that was not listed on the Plaque was Robert McDonald, an RAAF who also served in Vietnam.

Others I believe were also found and instated on the new Plaque.

In conclusion, even though I have lived in Victoria for nearly the past 50 years, my wife and I really enjoy returning to Moree and now I have that firm connection and recognition in place at the Moree Memorial Hall.

Rob Bradbery