Forget about the weirdness and absorb some good news

Had your fill COVID-19 stories? Here's your mental health break.

We've trawled our websites across Australia to bring you a curated list of the most uplifting stories in the ACM network.

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Woolworths wants to hire people who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic - and there's 20,000 new jobs on offer.

The supermarket giant wants to keep up supplies of food and drink during of the coronavirus outbreak.

It sees people from the hospitality, travel and retail sectors who have lost out due to coronavirus-enforced closures as being able to fit the bill.

The roles in its supermarkets, e-commerce, supply chain and drinks businesses are expected to be filled in the next month.

AFTER 10 studio albums, 30 years of touring and an 2017 induction into the Rock'n'roll Hall of Fame you could be forgiven for thinking Pearl Jam had long passed extending their boundaries.

Certainly after the insipid Lightning Bolt in 2013 it seemed the Seattle grunge legends had exhausted their creative juices.

Thankfully, that's not the case. Gigaton is Pearl Jam's strongest record since their vitriolic 2006 self-titled effort and could possibly be their best since 1998's Yield.

People might not be able to go to church during these uncertain times, but All Saints Anglican Church Moree Vicar Reverend Phillip Brown doesn't want that to stop people from praying.

In an effort to show that the church is still here for people and to provide some form of comfort during the current coronavirus pandemic, Reverend Brown has decided to ring the bells at 9am every morning. Beautiful.

Australia's newest multi-millionaire has been found with a man from the Port Macquarie region revealed as the winner of last night's entire $80 million Powerball jackpot.

The humble resident who chooses not to be named (and we don't blame him!), bought his entry online.

This afternoon, an official from the Lott called the winner, who broke down in tears upon hearing the 'life-changing' news.

"Oh my god! Are you serious?" she cried happily.

"Okay, um, that is just brilliant! What a nice surprise! You've certainly made my Friday!

"I have been feeling sleepy but now you've well and truly woken me up!

While many restaurants have sadly been forced to close their doors during the COVID-19 crisis, some have introduced new ideas as they try to stay afloat.

Cafe Manuela at West Cessnock is now offering a takeaway drink service - including cocktails - which can be ordered online and delivered to your car out the front of the Wollombi Road cafe.

On that note, we're off to enjoy a well deserved Friday evening glass of wine.

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