PCYC NSW Drought Break tour stops at Moree

PCYC NSW has been busy recently, hitting the road to bring some fun to some of the drought affected towns across the state.

The Drought Break tour stopped in Moree last Monday night, January 7, running a free barbecue and dance party for more than 90 people.

"It was very successful," PCYC Moree manager Tayla Macey said.

"We had about 74 young people and about 20 parents. It's about on par with what we were expecting. We're very happy.

"Everything went well. The kids were all very behaved. We had no issues."


The Drought Break tour is PCYC's largest consecutive tour, with Moree a stop on route one of four different routes.

Ms Macey said she's hoping to see this new tour become a yearly event.

"There's nothing confirmed at the moment," she said.

"There's still tours to come so we'll see how we go and then I'll assume the powers at be will make the calls from there.

The road trip also pit stopped at PCYC Walgett on the following Tuesday evening, where around 60 locals came out to enjoy the fun-filled night.