Bellata Public School students earn second honour badges

Two students from Bellata Public School have found that hard work can really pay off.

Max Gillogly and Audrey Cooper both earned their second honour badges this week.

To earn an honour badge students first have to earn seven yellow cards through displaying good behaviour, spelling, sportsmanship, book work, etc. These seven yellow cards earn the students one maroon card and after seven maroon cards they receive a gold card. Once they have three gold cards, students receive an honour badge.

Evidently, it takes months of hard work for students to earn the prized honour badge.


Last week, year five student Max Gillogly and year three student Audrey Cooper received their second honour badge for the year.

Principal Vivianne Fouracher presented the children with their badges during assembly. Max and Audrey's families were also invited to attend the big day to celebrate and have morning tea.

Congratulations to Max and Audrey!