Craze Studio Inverell hosts regional event by Ballet Workshop Australia

Laura Bailey is one of the Ballet Workshops Australia teachers. Photo: contributed
Laura Bailey is one of the Ballet Workshops Australia teachers. Photo: contributed

Four professional dancers from Ballet Workshops Australia brought their skills to Inverell's Craze Studio earlier this month, to provide an opportunity for about 60 young dancers from across this region to work with the best dancers and teachers Sydney had to offer.

Craze Studio proprietor Laura King said students attended the workshops from Moree, Glen Innes and Armidale, as well as Inverell.

"They got to do ballet, jazz, musical theatre, stretch and conditioning and contemporary," she said.

"Laura Bailey was the lady who organised it, and David Cam, a professional commercial dancer in Sydney, along with Sydney ballerinas Natalie and Mia who have danced internationally as well.

"Laura just aims at bringing opportunity to the country kids."

Mrs King said students spent two days, from 9.30am to 2.30pm, in the workshops with the teachers.

"At the end, Laura (Bailey) gave some awards to the kids, and one of those was that some of the kids get to go to Sydney where they get to watch the masterclass at the Australian Ballet," she said.

"The students learnt a lot from the workshops and did a little showcase at the end for their parents. They put together about four mini-routines."

Mrs King said similar workshops were held by Ballet Workshops Australia at Moree during the last school holidays, and she thought Armidale was looking to conducting its own in the next six months.

"Laura Bailey just travels about regionally and tries to get to the country kids who aren't getting that chance," she said.

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