Anglicare to provide mental health services not covered by the NDIS to Moree residents

Louise O'Neill and Jamalla Williams are based in Moree.
Louise O'Neill and Jamalla Williams are based in Moree.

Residents of Moree, Narrabri and Gunnedah and surrounding towns who are unable to access the NDIS due to the sporadic nature of their mental health issues will be looked after thanks to new Anglicare-run programs.

Tailored programs designed to support people with severe mental health issues who have reduced Psychosocial function, opened in the North West in January. These programs are designed to:

  • Maintain physical wellbeing
  • Find and maintain a home
  • Build broader life skills

"These services aim to build people's ability and skills to manage their mental illness, improve relationships with family and others, and increase social and economic participation," Anglicare's regional manager Claire Dunlop said.

"We are looking to assist women with perinatal depression; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; people living in rural and remote areas; people living on low incomes; people from CALD communities; and those who have recently attempted suicide or have persistent thoughts of suicide."

The Physical Wellbeing program is for people who do not have access to clinical exercise and dietary support or those who have received assistance previously and are working to maintain changes. The program seeks to build a person's capacity to manage their health, exercise and nutrition needs.

Anglicare will also provide a six to nine-month intervention for people with mental health issues whose accommodation is under threat or non-existent. Working with a range of professionals and community groups, Anglicare will seek to stabilise mental health issues; secure existing tenancies; or create new ones where mental health issues has threatened tenancies.

The third program will work with individuals and their broader networks to rebuild their confidence and resilience.

"We are looking forward to supporting people on their mental health recovery journey towards a meaningful place in the community," Ms Dunlop said.

If you or someone you know could benefit from these mental health programs, contact Anglicare on (02) 6701 8200.