Classic Wallabies drop in to Moree Public School and St Philomena's to run clinics and teach the students about rugby

Before they take to the field on Saturday, the Classic Wallabies and Wallaroos visited Moree Public School and St Philomena's Primary School to run the students through a few clinics and answer a few questions.

The players were on hand to discuss their careers and answer a number of the student's questions, before heading out onto the field to run a number of skills and training exercises.

"It's a great opportunity to be part of something where you're able go into communities," Classic Wallabies career and pathways manager James Holbeck said.

"Everyone that's played rugby appreciates something from their background, either something that someone's done for them or an opportunity at their school or in their community club and so they get an opportunity to come back and give a little bit back."

All players involved enjoyed getting involved in the local community and schools, before they take to the field themselves tomorrow.

Selena Worsley will play for the Classic Wallaroos tomorrow but for the mean time was excited to teach the students what she knows about rugby, particularly the girls.

"I've seen some amazing talent just in girls that have never played before here today just in those couple of little sessions," she said.

"If girls want to do it, why not. You've got some wonderful role models now."

After helping out the local students today, ex-Wallaby and Queensland Red Sean Hardman is excited to be involved in the game tomorrow, but he wants to make sure the crowd's expectations aren't too high.

"You'll notice that we don't keep ourselves in prime condition anymore," he laughed.

All the action kicks off at 12pm tomorrow with the Farm Hard Knockout, with the first game of rugby beginning at 1.10pm and the Classic Wallabies clash against the Central North Barbarians kicking off at 5.10pm