Moree dog Daisy the boxer gives birth to 14 puppies

A Moree dog has come close to equalling the record for giving birth to the most amount of purebred boxer puppies born in a single litter.

Daisy, a two-year-old purebred boxer, naturally delivered 14 puppies over more than 24 hours from Tuesday, August 7 until Wednesday, August 8.

“I’d left for work at about 8am that morning and there were none then,” Daisy’s owner Tallee Warrener said.

“My partner checked at 8.30am and there was nothing. He went and rounded up the cattle and at lunch time when he checked she’d had eight.

“My mum called in to check on her and there were 10 at 2pm. I came home at 3pm and there were 11. I helped deliver the 12th. I thought that was it.

“I went to the saleyards and did some work and when I came home I noticed the bed was wet again.

“I thought ‘surely’ not, but when I counted there were 13.

“The next morning I went to work but my partner called and said he thought one was stuck. So we took her to the vet, but we lost that one.”


Unfortunately, one of the 13 surviving puppies didn’t make it and passed away a few days later.

Ms Warrener said the remaining 12 puppies are doing well, although the two smallest are being bottle fed.

“The little two get on and have a drink but they’re not getting enough,” she said.

Ms Warrener and her partner, with the help of her mum, were having to feed the two smallest every two hours, but they’ve since stretched it back to every four hours.

This is the first litter for Daisy and Ms Warrener said she was certainly not expecting she would have so many puppies.

“She was huge, but I was naive and thought it was just because it was her first litter,” she said.

“We were all taking bets and one bloke did say 14 as a joke.

“I was still praying for six, but would have settled for eight.”

There were nine boys and five girls in the litter, however two of the girls were the ones who didn’t survive.

More than half of the litter have bobtails and all are red/tan coloured.

Ms Warrener’s mum’s boxer Roscoe is the father.

“Roscoe will be on stud duties for anyone wanting thousands of puppies,” Ms Warrener joked.

“He has a great shooting rate … they only mated twice.”

Ms Warrener hopes to sell all of the puppies once they’re old enough.

According to other news sites, the world record for the largest litter of puppies for a boxer is 15.