Harry’s birthday wish was for much-needed rain

Most young boys on their birthday may wish for a race car, to be a superhero or for a bike, but for Harry Taylor his birthday wish was for it rain.

The Taylor family live in a little community called Bugaldie, 25 kilometres from Coonabarabran.

Mother, Jess, her husband and their four children are on a property that farm merinos, cattle and fat lambs (when they can).

They are very affected by the drought, and are currently hand feeding cotton seed to everything and running out of water.

“Our creek hasn’t had a flow since 2016 and our wells are dry,” Jess said.

“We have sold off some stock and are trying desperately to keep condition on weaners so we at least get a decent price for those when we sell to probably buy more feed for the cows and calves, if any feed can be found...”

Mother, Jess Taylor's post on the 'One Day Closer to Rain (Drought)' Facebook page.

Mother, Jess Taylor's post on the 'One Day Closer to Rain (Drought)' Facebook page.

The family are doing it so tough in these dry conditions that young Harry desperately wanted to help.

Jess described Harry as their “little problem solver.”

“He has to know how every thing works and why…,” she said.

Harry turned six on Saturday, June 2 and for his birthday wish he asked for rain.

Jess said it broke her heart when he wished for that. 

“The kids are living this too they see our struggles and sadness, they come on feed runs and choke on the same dust they pick up the orphan lambs and cuddle them on the ride home, they know that rain will make things better,” Jess said,

Harry said “rain would mean more time for fun and maybe the grass would grow because its better to play on than dirt and it would fill the dams too."