Bellata Public School Easter hat parade

Bellata Public School held its annual Easter Hat Parade on Friday, April 7. 

The children worked very hard in the weeks prior to create their masterpieces.

The hats came in all shapes and sizes, with some students even accessorising with Easter baskets, masks and bunny tails to complete the look.

Well done to all students on their impressive Easter hats!

In the end, there could be only one winner per group. The results are as follows:

Kinder/year 1: Winner – Audrey Cooper, runner up – Eryn Frost.

Years 2/3: Winner – Chloe Gillogly, runner up – Harley Budden.

Years 4/5/6: Winner – Thomas Roach, runner up – Ruby Stewart.

The P and C held an Easter raffle, with families were asked to donate eggs and prizes were constructed.

Prizes were also donated by Lowes Petroleum Bellata, McGregor Gourley Bellata and the Bellata Golf Club.

Thank you to these local organisations and all families for your kind donations towards this raffle.

The raffle was drawn following the parade and the results are as follows:

First was Debbie Cooper, second James Stewart, third Sue Stewart, fourth Viv Fouracre, fifth McPherson Family, sixth Debbie Cooper, seventh Cody Gillogly, eighth Miller Family, ninth William Roach, tenth Shelli Morse and eleventh Flynn McPherson.

The P and C also held a $50 club on the day and the winners were first Tori Cross, second Bethany Cooper and third Jess Devai.

During the week leading up to the Easter Hat Parade, year 6 held a jelly bean guessing competition.

Students, staff family and friends were all able to have a guess for 50c per guess.

The lucky winner of the delicious haul was Georgia Miller with a guess of 471 jelly beans.

The day concluded with an Easter egg hunt around the school grounds.

It was so great to see the older students helping the younger students find some eggs, with everyone going home a winner with plenty of chocolate!