Moree's Chantele Guyer is not giving up on love after being friend-zoned by Neil on Farmer Wants a Wife 2020

She may not have found a husband as a contestant on Farmer Wants a Wife, but Moree's Chantele Guyer isn't giving up on finding love and remains hopeful that one day she will meet Mr Right.

The Moree sheep farmer and furniture artist looked to be a front-runner for farmer Neil's affections in the first episode of the 10th season of Farmer Wants a Wife when it aired on Sunday.

She was chosen as one of the four women, of eight, to go back to Neil's farm in Crookwell NSW and then was the person he chose to take back to his farm a day early to spend 24 hours with.

"I didn't think that would ever happen," Chantele said of being chosen for the farm stay.


"The other girls were stunning; they're all smart, educated women. I didn't think I had a chance. I knew being a farmer that I had some common ground with him, but that was it.

"That was crazy [when he chose me to take back to the farm early]. I didn't expect that."

Chantele spent 24 hours with Neil on his farm before they were joined by the other three women - Karissa, Justine and Megan - and although there wasn't an initial connection, she said there was "definitely an attraction there".

"His photos don't do him justice," she said.

However, Chantele was friend-zoned by Neil and he chose to send her home, in the hopes of getting to know the other three women better, at the end of the second episode on Monday night.

"It hurt to make the call because she's a fantastic, fantastic girl, but there's three girls who have had next to no time and have shown more than Shan did in a lot more of the time," farmer Neil explained during Monday night's episode.

"Chantele and I are two very like-minded people, but it got to the point where it was just leaning over a fence post having a chat about the sheep and I think we should just be good friends."

Chantele said she was disappointed to be sent home so early, and even more so when she later found out that Neil didn't have to send anyone home and in fact she was the only one to leave at that point.

"I thought there would be four other girls who'd been sent home too," she said.

"I cried the whole day when I found that out. It was a bit of a blow.

"Rejection sucks. Whatever the circumstance, it hurts; to be rejected on national TV, that's next level. I'm a little bit embarrassed, to say the least, but I signed up for it.

"At the end of the day, you either vibe the somebody or you don't, and that's that."

Chantele said it was particularly difficult watching the episode on Monday night and spent the whole day feeling sick with worry about how she would be portrayed.

"I made myself physically sick leading up to it," she said.

"I didn't know how I would be perceived. I was so nervous.

"I think they edited it nicely. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it was still cringeworthy.

"I think the hardest thing was watching it with my boys, and they [the producers] add all the music and make it really emotional, and my eldest boy looked up at me in tears and said, 'I'm sorry mum'. I just lost it."

Although it was a tough day, Chantele said she has been "overwhelmed" by the amount of support she's received since the show has aired.

"My phone hasn't stopped," she said.

Chantele is now glad her time on the show is over so that she can go back to living her life without it in the back of her mind, however she said it has been an interesting experience.

"The whole experience was surreal," she said.

"I've definitely gained a lot more confidence.

"I know not to talk about sheep with men anymore," she added laughing.

"Don't talk about sheep on a first date and don't do chocolate fondue."

And, now that she's out of the picture, Chantele's bets are on Karissa ending up with farmer Neil.

"It was a noticeable connection, we all knew," she said.

"Karissa, Justine and Megan are the most amazing women you'll ever meet and I have a really good friendship with all of them. All the women, the eight, were amazing. Shout-out to Jazzy, who's held me up through all of this."

After being inundated with public support, there are now calls for Chantele to be a farmer on next year's season of Farmer Wants a Wife, with the hashtags #farmerwantsahusband2021 and #farmerchantele2021 doing the rounds on social media.

Chantele said she would consider going back as one of the farmers, considering she originally applied to be a farmer, rather than a contestant.

But for now, she's putting herself back out there and is hopeful that the right person will come along eventually.

"I will find somebody one day," she said.