Whiddon Moree residents Ron and Helen Munn renew vows on 66th wedding anniversary

They might have been married for more than six decades, but Ron and Helen Munn are clearly just as much in love today as they were 66 years ago.

The beautiful couple, affectionately known as Pud and Curly, renewed their vows in a special ceremony at Whiddon Moree on Friday to mark their 66th wedding anniversary.

In front of family and friends, as well as Whiddon Moree staff and residents, the pair renewed their wedding vows near the fountain in the Whiddon garden, which was beautifully decorated by the staff.

Wearing a borrowed veil and carrying a posy of flowers donated by a local florist, Helen arrived down the aisle on the back of a golf buggy, before taking Ron's hands during the touching ceremony.

Moree Presbyterian Church pastor Phil Speirs officiated the ceremony, finding the traditional old vows that Ron and Helen would have exchanged when they were married in 1954.


After sealing their renewed vows with a kiss, the pair both hopped on the 'just married' golf buggy, which escorted them to their reception in Whiddon's activities room.

The happy couple and their guests enjoyed a delicious morning tea before cutting their cake, all of which was baked by the Whiddon kitchen staff.

Ron and Helen had only just moved in to Whiddon Moree at the end of May, as Ron's feet and legs began playing up on him and he was unable to take care of Helen and the housework.

When Helen lost most of her sight a few years ago, Ron learnt to cook and would do most of the day-to-day chores, while a cleaner and gardener would help out every week.

"I make the best ginger fluff sponge cake," Ron said proudly.

"I even learnt to use a sewing machine."

Ron and Helen were married on July 24, 1954, less than a year after they met at a horse sports event at Crooble on the October long weekend in 1953.

A mate of Ron's introduced him to Helen at Crooble and although the pair hit it off, they didn't see each other for another three months.

In January 1954, they attended a dance together and Ron drove Helen all the way home to Texas.

A courtship followed and they were engaged on May 14, 1954. Two months later they were married.

Ron said it was the birth of their first child Julie in 1956 that really brought them close together after he returned from National Service in 1955. Five more children followed - Amanda, Desley (deceased), Brendan, Raeleen and Sereena.

The family spent more than 30 years living at Pallamallawa, before Ron, a shearer, and Helen moved to Tamworth. They also spent 14 and a half years at Ashford, four years in Delungra and 18 months in Inverell before moving in to Whiddon Moree, with most of their family living around the area.

Ron, 87, and Helen, 84, now have 11 grandchildren and six great grandchildren, but their love is as strong as ever.

"Oh my word, I'm still in love with Helen," Ron said.

Helen said she loves "everything" about Ron, except his feet.

"I can't do without him," she said.

The companionship is the best part of their marriage, they say, and the secret to lasting 66 years together is not dwelling on the arguments.

"Any arguments we had, if we found they were getting out of hand, we'd walk away," Ron said.

"I'd go to the backyard for a bit and then come back and say, 'do you want a cup of coffee love?' and it'd be over."

Ron and Helen hope to make it to their 70th wedding anniversary in four years' time.