Moree boxer Zack Crouch claims Men’s Central West Bantamweight title at Nyngan

Up-and-coming Moree boxer Zack Crouch has claimed his first boxing title after dominating an opponent three years his senior in Nyngan on Saturday.

The 15-year-old is the Men’s Central West Bantamweight champion after defeating 18-year-old Jai Wilton from Tamworth during their four-round bout in Nyngan on Saturday, November 3.

“When he was first offered the fight, we were a little concerned about the age difference,” Moree Boxing Academy coach Danny Cheetham said.

“I met with Zack and his parents and Zack said ‘I think I can take him’. He gave me the nod and his mum said ‘it looks like we’re going to Nyngan’.”

Cheetham then worked with Crouch on a fight plan to beat Wilton.

“We’ve watched him box before and recognised a few weaknesses and a few combinations we thought we could use that would bring us success,” Cheetham said.

“We worked very hard on preparation.”


The pair travelled to Nyngan on Friday to allow time for Crouch to acclimatise, before the youngster made weight on Saturday.

When it came time to meet Wilton in the ring, Crouch proved so strong that the fight was stopped before the fourth round.

“Zack was so impressive,” he said.

“The doctor and the referee stopped the bout towards the end of the third round and Zack was awarded a TKO (technicaly knock-out) victory.”

The win earned Crouch his very first belt.

“He’s undefeated; he’s only been boxing for six months,” Cheetham said.

“I’m very proud.

“We think the sky is the limit for young Zack, so long as he stays focussed and dedicated, there’s nothing he can’t achieve.”

Cheetham said Crouch is very much deserving of his success.

“He’s never missed training and always give his best,” he said.

“He trains six days a week, and has Sundays off. He really studies the skill, learning the sheer science of boxing.

“He’s a very important member of our team.”