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Happy wife happy life: How to design the home of her dreams

Happy wife happy life: How to design the home of her dreams
Happy wife happy life: How to design the home of her dreams

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Imagine being able to create the home of your wife's dreams. A space in which the two of you could grow old together in, that also happens to reflect her tastes and interests, whilst perfectly assimilating within the setting it has been built on.

What would that look like and what are the vital steps needed to make that dream a reality? We walk you through the journey you can take in order to change this from a pipe dream to a success story.

Map out logistics

Designing and creating a home isn't an easy task to undertake, however when done properly it can be incredibly rewarding. The end result is a functional masterpiece that showcases all of the hard work and thought that you put into the project. However, in order to get to this satisfying endpoint, you need to ensure that all prior steps are satisfactorily and thoroughly completed.

Before you pick up a single building material or move towards those power tools, it's imperative that you get all the grunt work done before you start on the more exciting aspects. First and foremost, what is your budget?

Whilst you want to create a space that is visually exquisite and functionally sound, you don't want to bankrupt yourself in the process. Don't do yourself the disservice of planning a home that you later realise you're unable to afford, set a budget that is viable and then work within those constraints.

Other logistics include the setting in which your house will be located, are there specific weather conditions that will need to be considered, that will possibly change your mind on decisions like block placement? You may also need to consider others outside of your family. How will your home affect your neighbours?

Once you've mapped out answers to these questions and solutions to these problems, you're able to move on to the next phase of creating a dreamy space.

Consider your lifestyle

One of the best parts about creating your own dreamy space is being able to incorporate your unique needs into the planning process. Make sure to assess both your current and future needs. For example, if you're a young couple, are you looking to expand your family in the next few years?

If so, adding extra bedrooms to your home plan will likely be a good idea so that you don't have to deal with expansion renovations later down line, or alternatively simply selling your dream space, and moving elsewhere as it no longer suits your needs.

With the growing popularity of working from home for at least part of the week, adding functional aspects to your house like a home office is a great addition. Whilst mapping out varying functionality aspects to add within your home, you can also combine with design elements that you know your wife will love.

This can be as simple as colour, like designing a room that incorporates tonal elements in her favourite shade. Or, taking inspiration from her favourite design style.

Pick and stick with a design style

When it comes to designing the style of your home there are two different components to take into consideration, both interior and exterior design. Exterior design requires a little more functionality consideration, such as materials that work with the environment around you whilst also fitting your design aspirations.

If you're renovating an existing house, how will the design style work against the current frame? Considering environmental factors like insulation, and natural light is paramount to your prolonged comfort.

From here, comes the internal design. It's important that the design reflect your partner's personality. If she is someone who is likely to be described as fun and vibrant and perhaps a little eccentric, then a maximalist interior design may be the perfect fit.

Maxamilst styling incorporates an eclectic mishmash of colour that simultaneously clashes and yet is somehow still harmonious. It is jam-packed with knick-knacks, opposing prints and fabrics, all thrown together to create a stimulating and interesting-looking space.

If you're looking for something in the same vein, just dialled down a little, then perhaps a bohemian style home is a better fit? A home filled with a Bohemian interior aesthetic still has that eclecticism seen in a maximalist home, except instead of a vibrant clash of colour, it leans more towards a tonal scheme.

Finally, the pieces that fill the home are often vintage or secondhand, giving it a unique and interesting look whilst still keeping that fun eclecticism.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, if your partner is somebody who has simple and subdued tastes, that are distinctly modern without being overtly trendy, then the popular Scandinavian-style home is the ideal design scheme.

The Scandi style is similar to the minimalist look, yet it incorporates more elements of greenery and wood for a distinctly natural and earthy feel. The home design remains a largely neutral colour palette making it the perfect base to add to as your tastes develop and change over time.

Creating a dream home is no easy task, but it can be incredibly rewarding. Once completed you have a functional space that reflects your tastes and lifestyle. So, by taking it slowly and ensuring you are thorough in your research, understanding and execution of each step, the end result is likely to be a divine success.