Bellata Public School students put on a show for COVID-style 2020 presentation night

COVID-19 wasn't enough to stop Bellata Public School from recognising its students at the school's annual presentation night.

While only immediate family were able to attend the presentation night, on Monday, November 23, due to COVID-19 restrictions, others were able to watch on Zoom.

But that didn't stop the kids putting on a fantastic show!

The presentation was led by school captain Boston Kirkby.

The night started out with year two student Bethany Cooper doing the welcome and acknowledgement to country followed by the singing of the national anthem.

The students' first performance of the night was the whole school on the drums.

Robyn Bishop then gave her principal's address, followed by the P&C report from vice president Alistair McPherson.

There was then a lovely performance from the school's small choir with Ain't No Mountain High Enough.

Year four student Audrey Cooper and year one student Patrick Lowien gave a remote learning report that explained to parents and families watching via Zoom about their experiences from learning at home.

Kate Crosara and Kim Kirkby then handed out special remote learning awards. These were received by year four student Flynn McPherson and year one student Annabell Dufty.

The ukulele group then preformed Boys From The Bush.

Yeah four student Flynn McPherson and year two student Charlie Clarke gave a speech on the year in review.

Mary-Anne McPherson and Heather Langfield then handed out the creative arts award to year four student Audrey Cooper.

The whole school then preformed a play Issunbashi that was written by teacher Mrs Crosara and the students.

The rest of the awards were then kicked off with Mrs Kirkby and Mrs Crosara presenting the K, 1 and 2 awards, and Mrs Bishop and Mrs Crosara presenting the 3, 4, 5 and 6 awards.

Special awards were handed out by Mrs Bishop and Jeremy Mills. They were:

  • CWA citizenship award - Zifei Lui (Nina)
  • Sports award - Tori Cross
  • Dux - Boston Kirkby

Annabell Dufty also received her first honour badge.

Special guest, director educational leadership Jeremy Mills then gave a speech.

The last performance of the night was the whole school choir led by Mrs McPherson, singing Not Alone.

The 2021 school captain was announced as Harley Budden, who was inducted on the night.

To wrap up the night there was a slide show and conclusion given by Mrs Bishop, with special mention going to Mrs McPherson on her retirement after 29 years at Bellata Public School.

Mrs McPherson has been an amazing addition to the school, bringing out the best in the children with music and leading them to many victories in eisteddfods. The school wishes her all the very best in her retirement.

Good luck to year six student Boston Kirkby who is headed off to high school next year and well done to all students and staff on a fantastic night.