Moree's 'rage cage' to be renamed and removed from Birrawee Place

The 'rage cage' will be removed from No.1 Birrawee Place. Photo: MPSC
The 'rage cage' will be removed from No.1 Birrawee Place. Photo: MPSC

Moree's 'rage cage' will be removed from its current location, while Moree Plains Shire Council looks to fund a replacement facility to be built at Cooee Park.

The structure will also no longer be known as the 'rage cage', and instead will be referred to as a multi-purpose sports facility.

The name change comes as a result of community consultation in September, and due to the negative social messaging it sends.

At last Thursday's council meeting, councillors resolved to change the name to the more generic multi-purpose sports facility for when it is referred to in the future.


Councillors also resolved to remove the current facility, and pursue funding to build a new sporting structure at Cooee Park.

"There is a need to remove the facility from its current location due to anti-social behaviour, littering, broken glass, syringes, and the mere fact that it is an unmaintained eyesore on the fringe of the urban area that no longer serves a purpose," council's director of planning and community development Angus Witherby said in his report to council, detailing why the facility should be removed.

An application has already been made for funding as part of the NSW government's Everyone Can Play Fund to build a new facility at Cooee Park that can be utilised by the entire community.

Based on community consultation, the new facility would potentially include a basketball court and scooter track, in addition to supplementary facilities.