The Informer: You know it's reopening when flights are relaunching

You know it's reopening when flights are relaunching

Hang on, here are two words you mightn't have heard used in a sentence for a little while: domestic flights.

They're back, baby. As state borders begin to open, so too are domestic flights.

On December 4, Qantas will launch a Sydney-Launceston route, flying three times a week and increasing to four flights the following week. The route will continue until early February. At least - it may continue if the demand is there.

It's the first time Qantas has flown to Launceston in 16 years.

Other holiday destinations received a look in as well as talk of more scheduling looms. Places such as Byron Bay, Hamilton Island, Adelaide, Alice Springs and the like might get that "returning to normal" tick of compliance sooner than later.

Victorian flights still are limited to essential travel until other states open their borders to Victoria.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has said the border with Victoria would remain closed for the moment while her Tasmanian counterpart, Peter Gutwein, has said that state's border should open to Victoria on December 1.

Also on the hedonistic front, there was more good news for sports-lovers when news the Boxing Day Test would go ahead at the MCG - with fans - was delivered today.

And if a Test match is too long and tedious, you might be interested in the UK scientists developing a non-invasive coronavirus breath test that could - wait for it - deliver results within a minute.

The technology would use "breath signatures" to "rapidly distinguish COVID-19 from other respiratory conditions". Researchers say their findings, published in The Lancet's EclinicalMedicine journal, could dramatically improve the experience of taking a virus test as well as "play a part in restarting the economy".

Health Minister Greg Hunt is confident the first doses of a vaccine could be administered to health professionals in Australia in the first quarter of 2021.

The government already has provided $130 million to upgrade facilities at pharmaceutical company CSL, with whom it has signed a deal to manufacture two vaccine candidates if they prove successful.

"We've been exceptionally cautious in relation to the vaccines and each day the evidence is stronger and the proximity to distribution of that treatment is closer," he said.

Possibly longer than a heartbeat away though, to be fair.

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