Moree Plains Shire Council thanks local small businesses in new promotional video

The team at Cafe Gali are among those featured in the video. Photo: still from video
The team at Cafe Gali are among those featured in the video. Photo: still from video

A new video released by Moree Plains Shire Council pays tribute to the shire's resilient small businesses, which have overcome many challenges over the past few years.

The promotional video was released on October 1, to coincide with NSW Small Business Month.

Moree mayor Katrina Humphries, whose voice featured in the video, said NSW Small Business Month is an opportunity to celebrate our small business owners, their valuable contributions to our local community and their resilience in the face of the most tumultuous of times over the past few years.

"It's been a tough few years for businesses in the Moree Plains," she said in the video.

"From the worst drought in our history to a worldwide pandemic, and fire destroying shops vital to Mungindi.

"It's not been easy but we have endured in together. And handled it as we always do - as a community.

"We have adapted and pivoted. And despite the greatest of challenges, we have kept our doors open and continued to roll the dice because business in the Moree Plains is about more than a bottom line. It's about family, it's about community and it's about a legacy.


"Thank you to the businesses of the Moree Plains for continuing to call my Moree home.

"And thank you to the loyal locals who have supported them. The future is bright - bring it on!"

After the years that have been, council's MyMoree team thought there could not be a better time to showcase the shire's remarkable small business community this Small Business Month and so the latest MyMoree video instalment was born.

While the video features quite a few of our small businesses, it seeks to celebrate all those small businesses which call the Moree Plains home.

Council's economic development and grants team leader Susannah Pearse relished the opportunity to develop the concept and script the latest celebration of the Moree Plains, with council engaging local small business RabbitHop Films to bring the idea to life.

"As a community, we need to support our local businesses," she said.

"These businesses enhance the character of the Plains and create local jobs and we know that money spent locally stays local so supporting our small business sector has never been more vital.

"Our small businesses contribute so much to the Moree Plains.

"After such a difficult few years, this Small Business Month, it seemed fitting to create a beautiful feature to highlight just how special these businesses are.

"We have launched our video through our MyMoree platform which has a broad audience both within the Moree Plains and beyond its black soils.

"We encourage all community members to share this video through their Facebook page."

Cr Humphries said it's a credit to the shire's small businesses, who have ploughed on and continued to open their doors in the face of such adversity over such a prolonged period.

She said many have changed the way they do business and are continuing to invest and develop their businesses in a way that contributes to the liveability of the community.

"I think we had all hoped that this year's early rains were heralding a time of much needed prosperity for our shire after such a dire few years," she said.

"Unfortunately, none of us had an inkling of the times that were to come.

"But, I genuinely believe that the tenacity of our business community has once again been demonstrated with their response to this year's challenges.

"I also want to thank our community and our visitors for continuing to support our local economy by shopping local, eating local and spending local. We all have to play our part in keeping our local economy going."

NSW is home to more than 785,000 small businesses who make a valuable contribution; they make up 97.5 per cent of businesses in NSW and employ more than 41 per cent of the private sector workforce.