Moree records wettest winter in three years, however rainfall still below average

Moree records wettest winter in three years, however rainfall still below average

It was the wettest winter Moree has seen in three years, however the season's 2020 rainfall was still well below average.

Moree recorded a total of 53.8 millimetres of rain for the whole of winter, most of which (32.4mm) fell in August, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

July recorded just 13.2mm, while June was even drier with only 8.2mm falling.

However, it was still significantly higher than last year's winter rainfall, with only 18.2mm falling across the three months.


Winter in 2018 was only slightly drier than this year, with a total of 53.2mm, while 21.2mm fell across the three months in 2017.

While the total rainfall was more than the past few winters, it was only 56 per cent of Moree's winter average of 95.9mm.

Our last wet winter was in 2016, when a total of 127.8mm of rain was recorded.

And although Moree had a number of frosts this winter, the mean minimum and maximum temperatures were slightly higher than the average.

Moree's coldest winter morning was on July 6, when the temperature dropped to -1.4 degrees.

Overall, the mean minimum temperature for winter this year was 5.4 degrees, while the mean maximum temperature was 19.7 degrees.

Our warmest winter day was the very last day of August and winter, which saw the temperature reach a pleasant 27.1 degrees.

So far this year, Moree has received 426.2mm of rain, which is already significantly higher than last year's total of 125.4mm, and is close to beating 2018's 428.4mm total.

The BoM's spring outlook indicates a wetter-than-average three months for the eastern two thirds of Australia, with warmer-than-average days and nights.