Moree Services FC to face Wee Waa United in Namoi League opener

READY TO GO: Moree Services FC will get their 2020 season under way this weekend when they take on Wee Waa United.
READY TO GO: Moree Services FC will get their 2020 season under way this weekend when they take on Wee Waa United.

Moree Services Football Club are ready to get their season under way when the Namoi League kicks off on Saturday.

Moree will face off against 2019 premiers Wee Waa United, as they look to bounce back after the club missed the grand final last year.

After entering two sides into the competition for the last couple of years, they will have just one team this season.

"At the start of the year we didn't think we'd be able to get two sides. We just didn't have enough commitment to put two sides togehter," Moree Services FC president Matt Urquhart said.

"It looks alright. We've picked up a couple of new players here and there and lost a couple of players."


It hasn't been the most ideal preparation for their opening game, with a couple of players feeling unwell and being unable to train.

"We've kind of told them to hang off a bit unless they're absolutely fine," Urquhart said.

"I think most of it is being out in the cold now that training has been back, but we'll be on guard.

"At this stage we've got enough for a team to head down there to Wee Waa for our first game."

With COVID-19 restrictions still in place for training, there has been adjustments the club has been forced to make, but Urquhart said it hasn't had too much of an impact.

"We had to kind of split our training sessions for the first week or two; two halves in the field and two separate groups," he said.

"Now that we're allowed 20 in there, we don't have to split into groups. It's mostly been fitness on a Tuesday, doing a few skills and drills on Thursdays.

"A few of the guys look much better now than they did at the start of the season."

Urquhart said they don't currently have any goals in place, but he will "set up a few goals when we've got a definite team in mind."

"Once I kind of get my bearings around that, I can start setting some goals for the side," he said.

"But we want to work on maintaining possession, getting people wanting to compete for the ball.

"Where we lost against particularly Narrabri often last year, they just wanted the ball more and got to the ball early whereas we did it in dribs and drabs.

"One of the ones we've struggled with for years is putting the ball in the net, and we've lost Bailey Bourke who was our main strike weapon last year."

Urquhart is encouraging anyone who is interested in playing to come along to training on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the Moree Services Club.

Moree will face Wee Waa United from 3pm on Saturday in Wee Waa.