Tourism Moree launch soft campaign to encourage tourists to return to Moree Plains

Photo: Tourism Moree
Photo: Tourism Moree

Potential tourists are being invited to start immersing themselves into the Moree Plains, as part of a new promotion to encourage people to return to the shire.

Tourism Moree launched its 'love the Moree Plains' soft campaign last week with a short video highlighting some of the best attractions Moree has to offer.

With COVID-19 restrictions starting to ease and more businesses reopening, Tourism Moree CEO Tammy Elbourne said now is the time to start encouraging people to visit the shire and inject some much-needed tourism dollars back into the community.


"From the start we had a plan for post-COVID - due to the international borders being closed and closed for some time and even when they do reopen, it will take some time before consumer confidence sees people travel overseas and book cruises, so it's a very opportunistic window for domestic tourism to be a strong point in the tourism industry," she said.

"Figures show 50 per cent of Aussies want to travel domestically and support Australian tourism and popular destinations are coastal, country and regional areas - not cities. So that's good news for regional Australia and regional NSW.

"So we're in the process of building our content so it's marketable but for now we want to start to tell the story to immerse yourself in the Moree Plains with lots to do."

The video, released on June 18, is just the start of the campaign, with more short, sharp videos to follow.

Mrs Elbourne said it's just a soft launch, as while the board and staff are keen to see visitors return, they're also mindful that COVID-19 is still a part of our lives and people need to travel responsibly, without putting communities at risk.

"We just want to assure our community that we are extremely aware that whilst we know we need to kick-start our economy and tourism is a way to do that, we need to ensure our messaging is about travelling safely and adhering to all hygiene and social distancing regulations," she said.

"If people are coming from a hot spot area in Victoria or are not feeling well, we ask that they delay their travel and book later in the year to ensure they're not putting our community at risk.

"Our job is to get the ball rolling, as there are a lot of businesses that need this to happen, but we are mindful we need to do this the right way."

If visitors are interested in exploring and experiencing all the Moree Plains has to offer, they are encouraged to call the team at Tourism Moree or do their own research at for the latest information on what's on offer from local operators before embarking on their adventure.