NSW Rural Crime officers investigating dog attacks near Moree

File photo.
File photo.

POLICE are appealing for pet owners to take responsibility for their pets after two recent separate dog attacks near Moree.

The first incident was reported about 1pm on March 18 after police had been alerted to a horse galloping along the Gwydir Highway towards Moree, which had nearly been hit by several vehicles.

Officers attended the scene and secured the animal before contacting the owner.

Police believe roaming dogs had spooked the horse, which then charged through a gate to exit the property.

The second incident was reported at 7.30pm the following day after two dogs were found attacking a ewe on a property between Moree and Garah.

The dogs were shot by the owner of the sheep.

Several deceased and injured sheep were located nearby.

This incident comes after another dog attack on sheep at the same property several weeks prior.

Police are making enquiries to identify the owner of the dogs, which have not yet been reported as missing.

RCPT north-west zone co-ordinator Detective Sargent Bennett Nolan urged dog owners to take responsibility for securing their animals.

"These dogs are often just doing what is in their nature," Detective Sargent Nolan said.

"If you want to own dogs, you owe it to them to make sure they don't escape and wind up having to be destroyed.

"Dog owners are warned that they can face an on-the-spot fines of $1320, or $11,000 at court, where their dog attacks another animal.

"If the dog is declared dangerous, these penalties jump to four years imprisonment if the attack is caused by the owner's recklessness."