Stargazing exhibition launches in Big Sky Country at Moree Community Library

Steven Morris - Reach Out. Photo: supplied.
Steven Morris - Reach Out. Photo: supplied.

The award-winning photographs from the Dr David Malin Awards: Winning Sky Photos 2019 exhibition will be on display at the Moree Community Library from Monday, February 17 until Saturday, March 21.

The exhibition comprises breathtaking photographs of the night sky from all over the world from Australian photographers. Among the images on display this year is this expansive view of the Milky Way arching over Lake Bonne in South Australia (pictured above), the moon rising over the Sydney Opera House, the northern lights shimmering in Canada, rich detail of the Orion nebula, Earth from the rarely-visited height of 29km and the Parkes "dish" under the Moon - a tribute to Apollo 11, plus so much more.

Big Sky Libraries manager Sally Walters welcomed the display and invited community members to visit the Moree Community Library to view the exhibit and learn about astronomy.


"The photographs on display are out of this world. Quite literally! This exhibit invites all ages to bask in the beauty of the night sky and learn about stars and space above us," Mrs Walters said.

"The library will have materials available throughout the exhibit teaching attendees about all things space, star and planet related and will no doubt provide a great opportunity for us all to broaden our understanding of astronomy while stargazing at the photos.

"As part of the photography exhibition, the library will be hosting school visits and an Opening Night which will include a presentation from Karlie Noon, a Gamilaraay woman who is the first Aboriginal person in New South Wales to graduate with a double degree in mathematics and science."

The exhibition is the culmination of a competition organised by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, based on eight categories: Deep Sky, Wide-Field, Solar System, Nightscapes, Animated Sequences (Scientific and Aesthetic), Junior and a Themed Section - Memories of Apollo.

The photographs were judged by world-renowned astrophotographer, Dr David Malin, with the winning entries of each category of the competition shortlisted for selection as the cover image for the 2020 edition of the Australasian Sky Guide.

The Central West Astronomical Society organise the Dr David Malin Awards as part of their annual AstroFest held at Parkes, NSW. The support of Canon Australia and CSIRO's Australia Telescope National Facility is acknowledged. The tour of the exhibition is organised by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. The competition aims to encourage photographers to use their vision, imagination and skill to produce inspiring and beautiful images of the sky.