Blair Athol craft hydration stations to raise funds for WIRES Wildlife Rescue

A DIY craft project has flourished into an opportunity to provide low-cost hydration stations for local wildlife whilst supporting WIRES.

Blair Athol Boutique Hotel and Day Spa owner Pauline Jackwitz found a tutorial to make a nifty wildlife water station out of PVC pipe on a wildlife rescue website.

After sourcing the materials, with the help of Bunnings Inverell, and realising how quick and easy it was, Blair Athol took to Facebook.

"We are willing to make the hydration stations for people for $15 to cover the cost of materials but then we decided, to do our bit, we'd donate that money to WIRES Wildlife Rescue," she said.

During these dry times, dehydration is one of the leading causes of death in native wildlife. Wildlife are getting stuck, injured and are dying trying to find scarce bodies of water.

Local vet Gundi Rhoades was one of the first to order a few hydration stations to set up around Gowrie Vet Clinic.

"The tricky part is making sure there is enough space so any animal can drink out of it, even the little ones. It's an interesting concept, like a gravity seal vacuum.

"We know the $1000 stations you can buy are a bit unattainable but to make one for $15 is doable for most people. Plus with our decision to donate the funds on to WIRES, it's like a double helping hand."

Families are welcome to make their own stations, decorate them and decide on a location to set them up. All that is needed is regular check-ups to ensure the station stays full.

Pauline said evaporation cannot take place with the efficient design.

"People can find out how to make them by calling Blair Athol and if some would rather we make them, we can. It only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish," she said.

Since posting the initiative on Facebook, support has started to flow in. Blair Athol have even discussed starting a Facebook group for people to share their own stations and talk about location ideas.

Pauline said it would be interesting to see how far the DIY hydration station initiative spreads throughout Australia.

"Bunnings have been fantastic cutting the PVC pipe to size. They're always great when it comes to making sure animals and people are safe," she said.

For those who'd like to order a hydration station from Blair Athol, or would like to know how to craft one up, give them a call on 6722 4288.