Moree and District Historical Society members tour Courage to Care exhibition at Bank Art Museum Moree

Moree and District Historical Society was one of the many groups to take part in a guided tour of the recent Courage to Care exhibition on at Bank Art Museum Moree last month.

About 12 members of the historical society took part in a tour on Wednesday, November 27.

Moree and District Historical Society member Jane Rohde couldn't speak highly enough of the exhibition, which aims to inspire and empower participants to not be bystanders and to take positive action when they witness injustice in their everyday lives.

"You could hear a pin drop when they spoke about their personal stories," she said.

"The historians in that group are people who have seen a lot of history and yet those personal stories were enlightening."

Layla, Agnes, Lara and Holocaust survivor Ernie were the specially-trained guides who took the historical society members through the exhibition.

"We would like to thank them for their input ... it's something that should never be forgotten," Mrs Rohde said.

Mrs Rohde said the exhibition was particularly poignant considering the shire's own involvement during World War II.

"At Croppa Creek a lot of German descendants were interned during the war. They put them in an area that was controlled," she said.

During the month-long exhibition at BAMM, more than 900 students from across the region and 200 participants of adult community groups took part in a tour of the Courage to Care exhibition.