Moree Parkrun celebrates third anniversary and 100th run for Ron Clissold

It's been a big fortnight for Moree parkrun as it celebrated its third anniversary as well as International Parkrun Day and Ron Clissold's 100th run in consecutive weeks.

"We've been really fortunate to have so many people new and existing come along to our parkrun for the last couple of weeks which has been really exciting because it's been two quite significant weekends," Moree parkrun event organiser Annette Hadley said.

Moree parkrun turned three on September 28, with 38 participants celebrating the milestone.

Dominic Brown finished first on the day with a time of 20:23 while Andrea Boyce was the first female to cross the line with a personal best time of 23:39.

Parkrun was started up in the community by Carmel Kennedy, with Mrs Hadley joining the team around two years ago.

With around 20 people joined up at its launch, Mrs Hadley said it's been great to watch it grow since its inception.

"It's steadily grown over the couple of years and the one interesting thing is it seems to have an eternal appeal," she said.

"Even though Moree has a bit of a transient population, we always seem to stay around that 30 to 35 in attendance."

Parkrun averages around 32 participants each week, with its highest turnout coming shortly after the new year with 54 runners taking part earlier this year.

The last two years there has been a parkrun held on Christmas Day which is once again in their plans this year.

Following the anniversary celebrations, Ron Clissold reached 100 parkruns last weekend on October 5, one of 50 who participated on the day.

"That was something that everybody who knows Ron was proud to be involved with," Mrs Hadley said.

Mr Clissold has been involved in parkrun since it begun with his grandkids, Mitch and Sam Custance, who celebrated their century earlier this year.

Ron, Mitch and Sam all finished together on Saturday with a time of 25 minutes.

He has run in at least 20 marathons throughout his life, and has kept track of his running records since 1979, recording 73,305 kilometres run as of Saturday morning.

Mr Clissold used to be heavily involved in Moree Little Athletics and currently has a running group for children two afternoons a week.

Moree parkrun is a free, weekly timed event that caters for all fitness levels.