Radio 2VM/NOW FM win 2019 Moree Muscle Muster

Radio 2VM/NOW FM team members Kirsty Assef, Danella Sweeney, Amy Burling and Deb and Steven McWilliams.
Radio 2VM/NOW FM team members Kirsty Assef, Danella Sweeney, Amy Burling and Deb and Steven McWilliams.

Competitive spirits and a strong team bond led the Radio 2VM/NOW FM team to victory in the second Moree Muscle Muster last week.

The competition challenged local organisations and businesses to increase their average steps over the month of September, in a bid to promote health in the region.

"I think we all lost our minds, to be honest," team captain Kirsty Assef joked.

The radio employees were adding to their total right up until midnight September 30, determined to beat each other's steps while adding to the team score.

Out of 370 participants in 33 business houses ranging from farmers to office workers, the team at Radio 2VM/NOW FM had the highest average steps throughout the month at an impressive 15,400 or 11.7 kilometres per day.

"I told everyone not to become complacent, and to keep increasing our speed," Kirsty said.

Team members improved their averages by making small changes to their days such as taking a walk instead of scrolling on Facebook in their lunch hour, or walking their children to day care.

Kirsty said it felt good to remain active throughout the day, and hoped the group could hold onto the healthy habits they had developed during the competition.

Peter Barrett from McGregor Gourlay made an impression, winning both the most steps in a day and most steps overall categories. Peter's biggest day was 80,000 in just one day.

Peter did all he could to add exercise into his days at the office, starting with a power walk or jog from 4.30am to 7am before heading into work. He spent his lunch breaks watering the garden and would take another two hour jog or walk after work. He also regularly used a rowing machine.

"After the first week I thought I was going okay, then I decided to ramp it up," he said.

This led to an intensive weekend on September 21 to 22.

"I decided to put in a very big effort and I walked and jogged all day except two hrs, starting at my usual time and finishing very late," he said.

With blisters on both feet, sore ankles and knees, Peter was exhausted in the final week, but remained determined.

"The finish line is in sight. I just need to keep a good tally to try and stay on top," he said.

HealthWISE dietitian and Moree Muscle Muster organiser Sammy Humphries was thrilled with the strong participation in this year's competition.

"The organising team put in huge effort to get the competition up and running and we felt that it was a great success" she said.

"We were blown away with the number of steps everyone was getting and the inspiring comments on how the competition was motivating people to get the most out of their health.

"We are already looking forward to next year's competition."

FINAL STANDINGS (average daily steps):

  1. Radio 2VM/NOW FM (15,400)
  2. MAAC (14,000)
  3. ReHealth (12,900)
  4. Moree Public School (11,800)
  5. McGregor Gourlay (11,500)
  6. C&W (11,200)
  7. PJ Harris (11,100)
  8. Moree Council (10,300)
  9. Moree Freight (9,600)
  10. Moree Community Health (9,600)
  11. Statewide Aviation (9,300)
  12. DC Justice League (9,200)
  13. Moree East Public School (8,700)
  14. Kenway & Clark (8,700)
  15. Assef's (8,100)
  16. Rhodes Kildea Lawyers (7,800)
  17. St Philomena's School (7,400)
  18. HealthWISE (7,300)
  19. Gwydir Chiropractic & Physiotherapy (7,000)
  20. SydPath (6,800)
  21. Stahmann Farms (6,800)
  22. B&W Rural (6,500)
  23. Community College (6,500)
  24. Elders Insurance (6,500)
  25. Gwydir Valley Irrigators (6,200)
  26. Moree Real Estate (6,000)
  27. Tyrepower Moree (5,900)
  28. Aboriginal Employment Strategy (5,400)
  29. Moree Family Support (5,000)
  30. Moree Hospital (5,000)
  31. Byamee (2,900)
  32. NAB (2,600)