Farmbot launches next generation water monitoring technology saving farmers time and money

Farmbot have launched its next generation of water monitoring technology. Photo: supplied.
Farmbot have launched its next generation of water monitoring technology. Photo: supplied.

Industry leading Australian AgTech company Farmbot has launched its next generation of remote water monitoring technology enabling it to integrate with surrounding devices, like soil moisture, machine control and geotags to help farmers better manage their water, time, resources and livestock.

"The sixth generation Farmbot is a game changer. Its functionality is limitless allowing you to monitor water pressure, flow rates, rainfall, electric fences and more," Farmbot managing director Andrew Coppin said.

"It features two-way communications, wireless and point to point connectivity enabling it to integrate with other devices being used on the farm.

"At a time when Agtech adoption is booming providing cost efficiency is essential for farmers to survive less predictable Australian weather conditions, having a device that will continue to connect with new technologies well into the future is paramount.

"Farmbot has deployed over 1,700 of its remote monitoring units to farms across Australia resulting in over $5 million a year in savings.

"We reduce manual water inspections by up to 90 percent, saving thousands of labour hours and hundreds of thousands of kilometres driven to check water.

"Most important is the reduction to stock stress and stock loss, an ongoing issue that costs Australian farms millions of dollars each year.

Mr Coppin said it reduces the need for farmers to spend hours every day driving around their properties to check water levels or having to pay someone else to do it.

"Even the most remote farms can benefit from Farmbot as it works anywhere with Satellite/3G/4G/LTE connectivity," he said.

"Farmers have access to crucial insights about their water and are alerted on their phones, tablets or desktops in near real time by SMS, email and dashboard alerts when they need to know. Low water level or a leak in a tank could lead to the loss of livestock, Farmbot alerts you when you need to know."

"Farmbot is a self-install monitoring system that works anywhere and is active immediately. Farmers wanting to determine the savings it will provide to them can use the Farmbot Saving Calculator."

"In the near future, Farmbot will also support a range of collaborations and functionality with other leading AgTech providers that will help create actionable insights to help optimise farming operations."

"While livestock is our primary focus we realise there is a need for Farmbot for grain and sugar cane growers as well as horticulture and vineyard operations. Farmbot will continue to explore ways to benefit all farming communities in the future whilst also looking for further opportunities worldwide."