Moree Services FC beaten by Wee Waa United in Namoi League preliminary final

Moree Services FC are out of the Namoi League after Moree 1 went down to Wee Waa United on Saturday.
Moree Services FC are out of the Namoi League after Moree 1 went down to Wee Waa United on Saturday.

Moree Services FC's season has come to an end, with Moree 1 going down 2-0 to Wee Waa United in the Namoi League preliminary final on Saturday.

After a narrow 4-3 loss to Narrabri FC in the major semi final, Moree went into the preliminary final down shorthanded, with three players suspended following red cards against Narrabri.

"Wee Waa just wanted it more," Moree coach Matt Urquhart said.

"They were getting to those 50/50 balls. Obviously they had subs, due to our suspensions we didn't have subs, so they were a bit fresher."

Wee Waa got on the board inside the first five minutes after an error of judgment, the ball bouncing over Moree's defence.

"We had a few cracks at them, but I think there was only about two or three opportunities where we actually look like we could've scored," Urquhart said.

Waa Waa added their second goal in the second half off a counter attack, their speed getting them in behind Moree's back line.

While Moree fought hard, they weren't able to bring it back.

"We had a few guys that we had to rearrange on the field," Urquhart said.

"A few guys played out of position. Not that they can't play it well, but if you're used to playing a certain way and all of a sudden in one game - and an important game - you have to change it up completely, it can be hard."

Urquhart said it may have made a difference had his side been at full strength.

"Just the way it was I definitely think some fresh legs in there and not having that team altered probably would've benefited us a bit more," he said.

Still, he conceded that Wee Waa just "wanted it more", but overall he felt it was still a successful season.

"I'm rather happy with how it went," he said.

"I think the back end of the year we were playing rather well, we kind of had our game figured out. Just the suspensions didn't go to plan.

"Otherwise, most of the guys were rather happy with how the year went."

The team will lose a couple of its younger players next year who are off to university, but Urquhart believes the majority of players are keen to return in 2020.