PCYC Moree Gymnastics Club achieves strong results at Armidale and Tamworth competitions

PCYC Moree Gymnastics Club have been busy of late, competing in two competitions over the last month.

The growing club took a squad of 25 gymnasts to the Armidale City Gymnastics Club on August 3 to 4, accompanied by coaches Kerry Hunt, Mandy Mitchell, and Zach Mitchell, with Brooke Drogemuller and Rebecca O'Neill both absent.

This was the first competition for the new group of young Level One girls, who were very excited and all very much enjoyed the competition.

All Moree gymnasts made a great impression on all those at the competition and the club received many compliments regarding their behaviour, their appearance and their performances.

In Level One, five gymnasts received a gold banding with two receiving silver, while in Level Two all 10 competitors received a gold banding with Sophie Lai acquiring the highest overall points out of 53 competitors, with the score of 19.86 out of 20.

In Level Three, there was one gold, two silver and two bronze and in Level four there was two silver and a bronze.

Following a successful outing in Armidale, Moree took a team of 29 gymnasts to compete at a regional competition at Tamworth Gymnastics Club on August 31.

Coaches Kerry Hunt, Brooke Drogemuller & Mandy Mitchell accompanied the girls on the day.

While there was some hesitation about attending a competition of such a high standard, the girls once again shone, doing their coaches and Moree proud with their performances and sportsmanship.

Level One and Two competed in the Spring Carnival, with Lucy Moylan receiving the highest overall points in Level One with 15 out of 16 and the only Level One gymnast to receive a gold banding, on top of eight silver and one bronze.

In Level Two, Sophie Lai and Haylie Turner finished equal first with 16 points out of 16, in addition to another four gold and six silver bandings.

Out of 30 gymnasts, Moree's entire team placed in the top 16.

Level Three and Four competed in the North West Regional Championship.

Cedar Mitchell place sixth in her division in Level Three, with the club also raking in four silver and two bronze, while Level Four brought in three bronze bandings.

All of the club's Level Three and Four gymnasts qualified for the State Championships, however the club has made the decision to hold off as its present training facilities just can't quite accommodate the level of training needed.

"We look forward to what our squad team might be able to achieve in the coming years," coach Mandy Mitchell said.

"We are so thankful to all our coaches and parents who have worked so hard to make these competitions achievable for our gymnasts.

"Although we still have a long way to go, it's nice to know we are up there with the other clubs in the region and we're excited to show them what our Moree gymnasts are made of!"