Moree cycling season off and running after club hosts its third event

The Moree cycling season is underway with the Moree Services Cycle and Triathlon Club hosting its third event on Saturday, August 10.

The racing is held every second Saturday and a total of 20 riders have participated.

The events cater for all levels of cycling ability, where participants can ride at a pace that they are comfortable with or enjoy the competitive aspect.

The races involve a staggered start were the more inexperienced and new riders go first and the more experienced go last as the club aims for everyone to finish around the same time.


The club is proud to offer racing again for the Moree Shire and have added a points system to encourage those who have a more competitive nature.

Hugh Ross, Norman Roberts and former local Andrew Noakes have enjoyed a win so far. Other notable performances have been Danni MacCue who rode the 25 kilometres in her first time on the bike in many years.

Around ten children have participated and done extremely well and have enjoyed racing against some of the more experienced riders such as Mike MacCue, David Hunter, Charles Brett, James Boland, Stafford Burey and Justin Barnes.

If anyone is interested in riding, you can contact the club at

The current leaderboard is as follows, with the lowest scores at the top:

  • Jock Riley 8
  • Norman Roberts 11
  • Kass O'Neile 14
  • Sunny Henderson 17
  • Vincent Coventry 18
  • Mike MacCue 19
  • David Hunter 20
  • Andrew Noakes 20
  • Hugh Ross 20
  • Stafford Burey 21
  • Jesse James 24
  • Danni MacCue 24
  • Charles Brett 27
  • Sam Carter 27
  • Ryan McElligott 27
  • Ben Mcelligott 27
  • Justin Barnes 27
  • James Boland 27
  • Bob Williams 27