Moree and District Netball Association hoping to secure My Community Projects funding for power and lighting upgrade

Moree netballers Rose Kirkby, Charlotte Davison and Sophie Rogers.

Moree netballers Rose Kirkby, Charlotte Davison and Sophie Rogers.

With its eye firmly on the goal, the Moree and District Netball Association (MDNA) is aiming for new outdoor lights and power as part of the My Community Project 2019 NSW government grant funding.

With funding recipients based on public votes, MDNA president Amber Hook encouraged all community members to jump online and support the cause at the Moree and District Netball Association Facebook page.

"Netball participation has grown exceptionally and we are thrilled with how strong our club is, with the number of players having doubled over the past two years," MDNA grants officer Dimity Hook said.

"In 2018 we were fortunate to receive funding to complete a canteen complex, which has proved extremely popular.

"Power and lights would now complete the club's vision and ensure our facilities are of a standard reflective of the strength of our competition."


Mrs Hook said the lights and power would help facilitate evening competitions and further grow the club, also ensuring a safer and more inviting environment for all.

"This project would provide us with an outstanding facility to hold carnivals after dark and weekend competitions and provide much needed power to our canteen and amenities."

"Beyond our club we are excited at the prospect of drawing out-of-town visitors to Moree for competitions, and for the wider Moree community - these netball courts are a much-utilized space for everyday activities like physical training and bike riding."

With weekend netball catering for children as young as five, and a strong adult competition, Mrs Hook said she was extremely proud of the club's growth in recent years and its strength in helping promote a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

"It's so heartening to see a new generation of Moree children passionate about Netball, and we have so many adults who have never played before taking up the challenge and loving it."

"We can't wait to take our club to the next level with lights and power and to showcase our facility, and our wonderful Moree community, to other clubs across the region through more competitions and collaborations."