Moree's under-14s rugby team enjoying successful season after struggling to field a side

After looking like they may not have a team just over a month ago, the Moree under-14s rugby team are making waves in the Central North competition.

With only six players registered at the start of May, the situation was fairly grim but a late influx of players meant their season was able to go ahead.

Now, they have enjoyed a strong first half of the season and currently sit inside the top four, meaning if they can hold that position they will be eligible for finals later in the year.

Moree Junior Rugby Union Club president and under-14s coach Damien McCormick said he is "really happy" at how well the side is travelling.

"The objectives of the year was just to one, get a team, and two, to improve their skill set and have some fun but it's turned out they're winning a few games and in the top four," he said.

McCormick said there's only a few players who have had a decent amount of exposure in the sport, with around half the time playing rugby for the first time.

In those regards, he has been "pleasantly surprised" with how well they have been playing.

"It's not like they haven't got the ability to be able to put it together but in the short time frame and the new team, it is surprising but it is good," McCormick said.

"There's good support from the parents which helps and the kids are enjoying it."

That's been the main focus from McCormick's perspective, to see all the players enjoying themselves and continuing to improve.

"Just enjoying themselves and improving the skill set among the team. That should hopefully get us to the end," he said.

"Not one of the kids I haven't seen improvement in. They've all improved as the year's gone on.

McCormick is still hoping to gain a few more players this season to build on the success and have some of the players progress forward through the age groups, with a hope of starting an under-16s team in the future.