Sydney volunteer groups support drought stricken communities through donations of food and water

A few weeks ago a Mungindi local posted photos on Facebook of the ongoing drought and a story of the plight of local ladies borrowing essential hygiene products off each other to get through in these tough times.

Those photos quickly spread across Facebook pages in Sydney and communities rallied together to raise funds and bring supplies to Mungindi and surrounding villages.

On Saturday, Dignity Aid, Fighting in Resistance Equality (FIRE), Sydney's 24-7 Street Kitchen Safe Space, SWAG Family Sydney, Doing it for our Farmers, Gali is Life and Every Little Bit Helps took two trucks of food and water and cars of volunteers to the towns of Mungindi, Weemelah and Garah.


With the support of the Mungindi Ambulance services, the SES and the Weemelah and Garah Country Womens Associations and many other locals food and water was distributed out to the community.

The trucks left Sydney at 11.30am on Friday and the cars of helpers followed leaving at 4.30pm, camping on the edge of Moree that night before arriving in Mungindi at 7.30am on Saturday morning.

On Saturday night they camped at the Mungindi SES shed for a much needed rest and BBQ dinner, before carrying on to Walgett on Sunday to set up a virtual supermarket where they are partnering with Coles Narrabri to help fill the supply gap after the town's IGA burnt down.

When the volunteers - who were mostly in their early 20s and a mix of uni students and full and part time workers - were asked what made them get involved the response was mainly that their friend had roped them in, but they believe in positive activism and getting the job done.