Moree Arts Community Theatre (MACT) back for Sticky Sweet 2.0 Flora and Fauna

Just under two years since audiences were left red-faced and in stitches after Moree Arts Community Theatre (MACT)'s raunchy Sticky Sweet show, the gang will return to the stage at the end of this month with brand new material sure to arouse for Sticky Sweet 2.0 Flora and Fauna.

"We were told that we were too naughty, too rude, a little crass and definitely not fit for the consumption of prudes!" director Stevie Drenkhahn said.

"We were also told that you loved it, so bring on Sticky Sweet 2.0 Flora and Fauna!"

With a flora and fauna theme and a cast of talented familiar and new faces, this second take of the original vaudeville, comedy and musical burlesque show, presented by MACT and 2minus1 Productions, is shaping up to be even more titillating than the first.

"It's all about plants and animals really ... we've got some donkeys, horses, and the towel boys are back with a new act involving palm fronds instead of towels, which incorporates the theme nicely," Drenkhahn said.

"It's all a little bit naughty."

Sticky Sweet 2.0 will be a similar format to the original Sticky Sweet, with 25 short acts - featuring wet-your-pants comedy skits, daring dancers, mesmerising musicians and sultry singers - but with brand new material.

"The acts in this show are just as hilarious as the ones seen in our first Sticky Sweet, so you will regret missing this one!" Drenkhahn said.

The local cast features a star-studded line-up of familiar faces, as well as some talented newcomers, including Drenkhahn herself and sister and musical director Jacqualyn Drenkhahn ("with more musical talent than you could poke a stick at"), Steve McPherson ("Steve the news guy! Our local celebrity"), Greg Fisher ("he couldn't resist putting his maid outfit back on"), Jayne McDouall ("who has been in every one of our shows!"), Danii'Elle Haley ("with vocals to die for"), William Penfold ("we needed a solicitor on board to keep us out of trouble..."), Andrew O'Neill ("for comedic relief"), Greg Cumberland ("who just loves cats"), Julie Denyer ("with the body everyone wants"), Sean Baldwin ("because Boomi Bats is not on this year"), Byron Phillips ("to keep you entertained all night long"), Isaac Bartelen ("with more bark for your buck"), Michael Warick, James Osler, Lyndon Hankey, Samantha McDouall, Fi Claus, Samual Martin, and Nicole Fitzgerald.

"Once again, it has been really great working with a bunch of dedicated individuals, who love performing as much as I do," Drenkhahn said.

"Some of the choreography has really pushed them beyond their comfort zones, but they have taken it on board and are rising to the occasion. We are lucky to have been able to work with a professional dance teacher, Jessica Gatt, for some of our acts this year, so that has really helped to improve our skills."

Drenkhahn encourages the Moree community to come along and support local creative and performing arts and enjoy a fun night hilled with hilarity.

"We promise you a killer night out - just leave your inhibitions at the door... And maybe a few items of clothing on the stairs... We'll turn the heat up for you!" she said.

"This night is guaranteed to either leave you in stitches, or wetting your britches..."

Sticky Sweet 2.0 will take the stage at The Max for two nights only - Friday, May 31 and Saturday, June 1.

Curtains will raise at 7.30pm, however The Max will be open from 5pm for dinner and drinks for those wishing to make a night of it. Call Any Occasion Catering on 0431 306 055 to book a table.

Tickets sold out last time, so Drenkhahn encourages people to get in quick to avoid missing out.

Tickets are $30 and are currently on sale at Sylvia's Fabrics or

Please note that the show is adults only, as it contains adult themes, explicit language, sexual references and nudity. Proof of age identification will be required at the door.