Taree Historic Motor Club stops in Moree as part of 2019 Long Run mystery tour

Moree residents may have noticed a few more old cars out and about on the streets at the end of last week when members of the Taree Historic Motor Club stopped in town for a visit as part of their 2019 Long, Long Run.

Each year the club organises a Long Run - a seven to 10 day trip to somewhere in NSW - and this year Lightning Ridge was the chosen destination.

A total of 37 people and 19 cars participated in this year's 26th annual Long Run, which left Taree on Saturday, May 4 and arrived back home on Sunday, May 12.

From Taree, the group had a night in Gunnedah before arriving in Lightning Ridge where they spent three days. They then went to St George in Queensland before arriving in Moree last Thursday afternoon.


The club spent Thursday and Friday nights in Moree and during their time in town Moree Motor Enthusiasts Club members took them to have a look at Cliff Smith's collection of pre-1940s model cars. They also visited V6 Conversions and Thomas Lee Motorcycles while some of the women went shopping, and spent time in the hot pools at Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre.

From Moree the group didn't know where their next destination was before arriving back in Taree.

Club members take it in turns to organise the Long Run each year and these tour leaders are the only ones who know the full route, with members only learning of their next destination on the day they are set to leave.

"It's a mystery tour, so people don't know where we're going until the day," tour leader Brian Kelleher said.

"It adds a bit of fun."

Cars ranged in age from 1960s to late 1970s models, with MGs and Triumphs most represented.

"These aren't the oldest cars we have, most of us have older ones, but everyone brings a vehicle that is likely to cope with the kilometres," Mr Kelleher said.

The group had three flat tyres, a broken throttle cable and universal joint on this trip, which Mr Kelleher said was pretty good.

"We had very little dramas," he said.

"On some trips some cars have had to go home on the back of a truck."