Moree Torch Bearers for Legacy donates chairs to Fairview Retirement Village

The residents of River Gum and Fairview will now be able to sit and rest and catch up with friends and family in the beautiful gardens thanks to a generous donation by Moree Torch Bearers for Legacy.

Unfortunately, Moree Torch Bearers closed down last year due to dwindling numbers of legatees, after serving the Moree community since 1947.

With the money they had left in the bank, they requested that Legacy use that to buy six chairs to donate to Fairview to remember and recognise their years of service.

"Thanks to Torch Bearers, we thought it'd be nice to put these chairs out around Fairview with a plaque of when they started and when they finished," Moree Legacy outgoing president John Williams said.

"They raised a considerable amount of money for Legacy over the years."

Four of the chairs have been placed around the grounds of River Gum, while another will sit near the fountain and the sixth chair will be in Nan Crane Lodge.

Fairview Retirement Village facility manager Jane Mackney thanked Moree Torch Bearers and Legacy for the donation.

"It's lovely," she said.

"There's such a big walkway between River Gum and Fairview and there's nowhere for people to sit. Our residents in River Gum are getting frailer and they sometimes need a bit of a spell.

"The chairs will also be a nice place for people to meet and catch up."