Moree Weebolla Bulls celebrate 60 years at reunion, raise just under $50,000 at annual golf day

Moree Weebolla Bulls couldn't have asked for a better way to kick-off their 60th anniversary season, after raising just under $50,000 at their annual golf day on Friday and catching up with old friends and teammates at the 60th reunion event on Saturday.

More than 300 people from near and far gathered at Weebolla Oval on Saturday for the Bull's 60th reunion, which featured the naming of the best team across the 60 years, as well as a team for each of the six decades of the club's history.

A majority of the players chosen for the 1959-current 'anniversary squad' were present on Saturday, and all were thrilled, and some shocked, to receive the honour.

"The people who were selected on the team were very honoured to be part of that team, especially considering the level of players we've had over the years," Bulls president Paul King said.

Special guests David Lyons and Chris Malone spoke during the event before congratulating the players selected for the anniversary squad.

King said the event was a huge success.

"We got a lot of very positive feedback from all who attended," he said.

"It was good to see lots of old faces that we haven't seen for years, particularly players from the 50s and 60s who hadn't seen the club's new facilities since the showground days. They were impressed with how far the club has come.

"Having David Lyons and Chris Malone there certainly added to the event. They really enjoyed the hospitality of the community and had a very good time."

The reunion followed on from the success of the annual golf day on Friday, which ended up raising just under $50,000 for the club - only $5,000 less than last year's record $55,000 total, which King said was "amazing" considering how tough things currently are with the drought.

"We were stunned; we know how tough everyone's doing it in the drought," he said.

"As a club we really appreciate the support we get from the community, it's amazing.

"We didn't have any expectations of that high a number; it's a real shot in the arm for us and will help us out a lot this year."

King said he's honoured to be a part of a club that is so well supported by such a generous community.

"To get that much support is incredible, it's beyond belief for us, but really positive because it means the community supports what we do," he said.

"We find that aspect really humbling.

"Hopefully this will keep things moving forward."

The Bulls are now looking ahead to a trial match against Goondiwindi this Friday, March 1 before they host the Classic Wallabies on Saturday, March 23.

1959-current anniversary squad:

  1. Rex Greer
  2. Charles Franklin
  3. Pat Downes
  4. Brian Mansfield
  5. Jim Quinn
  6. Rick Johnston (C)
  7. Ben Colley
  8. Rob Onus
  9. Rob Long
  10. Jeremy Matthews
  11. Graham Bailey
  12. Chris Kelly
  13. Bruce Coulton
  14. Heath Riggs
  15. Joe Robinson
  16. Bernie Pollard
  17. Phil Barwick
  18. Mat Wannan
  19. Jim Boland
  20. Mick Claridge
  21. Bruce Coppock
  22. Damien Kelly
  23. Alex Barker
  24. Andrew Hacker

1959-1970 squad:

  1. Tom Murray
  2. Rex Greer
  3. Tony Wall
  4. John Raffan
  5. Peter Jackes
  6. Rick Johnston
  7. Ray Potter
  8. Greg Jones
  9. Doug Mallier
  10. Rob Matthews
  11. Chris Penney
  12. Graham Bailey
  13. Ian Ledingham
  14. Mal Groat
  15. Max Garske

1970-1980 squad:

  1. Mark Kirkby
  2. Max Garske
  3. Ralph Kinsella
  4. Bruce Coulton
  5. Jim Groat
  6. Bruce Coppock
  7. Terry Coss
  8. Rob Onus
  9. George Clyne
  10. Greg Jones
  11. Brian Mansfield
  12. Chris Carrigan
  13. Rick Johnston
  14. Jim Simpson
  15. Tom Murray
  16. John Corlis

1980-1990 squad:

  1. Basil Downes
  2. Peter Burey
  3. Patrick Downes
  4. Andrew Livingston
  5. Jim Boland
  6. Cam Ritter
  7. Gary Neate
  8. Scott Flint
  9. Michael Claridge
  10. Dave Onus
  11. Garry Jones
  12. Rob Meppem
  13. Ian Jones
  14. Peter Winkley
  15. Peter Copeman

1990-2000 squad:

  1. Brendan Adler
  2. Terry Adams
  3. Bernie Pollard
  4. Michael Woods
  5. John Greer
  6. Darren Browne
  7. Adam Kelly
  8. Damien Kelly
  9. Rob Long
  10. Ross Beasley
  11. Rob Houston
  12. John Carrigan
  13. Scott Arthur
  14. Damian Smith
  15. Matt Sanson

2000-2010 squad:

  1. Jason Lincoln
  2. Charlie Franklin
  3. Liam McCormick
  4. Mick Barwick
  5. Jim Quinn
  6. Phil Barwick
  7. Jason Webb
  8. Anthony Kaberry
  9. John Jeffreys
  10. Jeremy Matthews
  11. Andrew Hacker
  12. Chris Kelly
  13. Alex Barker
  14. Blake O'Mullane
  15. Joe Robinson

2010-current squad:

  1. Daniel Taunton
  2. John Adams
  3. Andrew McNamara 
  4. Chris Clyne
  5. Nick Gelling
  6. Michael Grant
  7. Ben Colley
  8. Mat Wannan
  9. Andrew Pauli
  10. Ben Carrigan
  11. Sam Bacagallipo
  12. Angus Boileau
  13. Damien Meppem
  14. Jordan Cosh
  15. Heath Riggs