Horoscopes: week beginning Jan 13

Horoscopes: week beginning Jan 13

ARIES: Professional accomplishments, status, and life purpose will all benefit from a practical attitude during January 13, 14. Turn your attention to planning and communication. Relationships of all types are favoured during January 16-20, with something for everyone. This is also an excellent time for students, long-distance travellers, and legal enquiries

TAURUS: Taurus is likely to have a very narrow vision during January 13, 14, perhaps because you need to concentrate on details. Be careful not to get caught in a rut. There is a wonderful balance with money at the moment, making life so much fun during January 16-20. This environment eases personal stresses and concerns.

GEMINI: Gemini’s time is best spent attending to the details of financial management during January 13, 14. This might be tedious but is entirely necessary. Play by the rules. The small things in life bring you delight during January 16-20. Many of you will spend time with someone you love. Good social events are also in the offing.

CANCER: Someone who is normally around you is likely to be distant or absent during January 13, 14. The responsibilities of work or health matters require their attention. The wheels of the moneymaking machine will be turning over quite briskly during January 16-20, making you a very happy little vegemite! Work and career prospects are enhanced.

LEO: Duty calls during January 13, 14 and Leo will be in the thick of paperwork, communications, and planning during this time. Paying attention to detail will bring its own rewards. You should be feeling so good about life during January 16-20 as good fortune follows in your footsteps. Romantic trends are operating, and this is a great time for study, travel, and legal interests.

VIRGO: Virgo will enjoy time spent with their children or in pursuit of a hobby that requires concentration and attention to detail. January 13, 14 is a period that can be characterised as a labour of love. January 16-20 is an excellent time for making money and getting away on your own, two things you'll really enjoy. You can also kick a few problems out of the way too!

LIBRA: There are practical matters that require Libra’s attention in and around the home during January 13, 14. Paperwork, planning, and communication underpin success in these matters. January 16-20 brings happy times, the opportunity to forge new relationships and partnerships, and make some money on the side! You seem to be able to weave magic with words.

SCORPIO: Delays in communication or navigation around your local environment are likely to mark January 13, 14. This can be frustrating but you just need to be patient. There are excellent work prospects for Scorpios during January 16-20, allowing you to display your talents and find work that pays well. Health interests are also favoured then.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius is in a conservative mind when it comes to financial matters during January 13, 14. You’ll be looking at ways to trim spending or to ensure a steady income stream. January 16-20 are comforting days as all your needs are met. You'll take great delight in knowledge, experience, love, and the kids. Social opportunity will bring enjoyment.

CAPRICORN: Capricorn is in a reflective mood during January 13, 14: you have much to consider and there’s a fair bit of work on your plate. You’ll take a minimalist approach with words and time. January 16-20 are excellent for dealing with all kinds of domestic matters. Most likely you’ll enjoy the positive environment of home and family, whether entertaining or just relaxing.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius needs to take things slowly during January 13, 14, taking time to consider options and the best ways to avoid pitfalls. Good planning will serve you well now. The prospects of love, harmony and profit are bright during January 16-20. The events of these two days stimulate your sense of adventure in your daily life. This is a great time for social involvement.

PISCES: January 13, 14 is a time for planning new long-term goals and reviewing which goals are viable. You have little time for festivities during this time but don’t mind throwing ideas around with a good friend. The trends are great for making money during January 16-20, whether you are seeking a pay rise or want to find that great position. An opportunity for career advancement is likely to emerge.

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