Horoscopes: week beginning December 23

Horoscopes: week beginning December 23

ARIES: Career and business opportunities, as well as romantic adventures, are more likely to exist in the month from December 22 especially on December 23, January 4-6. Parents should witness the outstanding success of one of their offspring during this period. Your speculative efforts are not unlikely to go unrewarded either.

TAURUS: Life improves over the coming month as you are stimulated by new thoughts and faraway places. If you can't actually visit somewhere physically, your mind and heart will be drawn to places through books, videos and music. The dates of December 23, January 4-6 provide favourable highlights.

GEMINI: In the month from December 22, you should review your financial dealings as ideas can be quite productive, especially on December 23, January 4-6. This is a time for financial planning, and news is likely to be received around such matters during this period. There are significant changes occurring around a relative or neighbour.

CANCER: Business dealings will certainly keep money flowing this month with the best dates being December 23, January 4-6. If there are any interests involving money, these are likely to be active then. A personal relationship should receive an injection of energy then. However, January 1-3, 10-12, 18-20 has the potential to produce problems with these areas of your life.

LEO: During the month from December 22 you must direct more energy towards fulfilling your responsibilities whether at work or home, as the demands placed upon your skill and energy will surely evidence. This is a time of year when you should review the state of your health and fitness. Take care on January 1-3, 10-12, 18-20.

VIRGO: This time of year is usually an enjoyable one for you, and the month from December 22 is no exception, as you enjoy the best of life in recreation, romance and through your children. Some events may be tinged with a touch of yearning for more ideal conditions. These trends are triggered on December 23, January 1-6, 10-12, 18-20.

LIBRA: The month from December 22 is relatively important for you where home, family and property are concerned. It is a time of giving, sharing and growing with friends who will visit your home. You are usually able to achieve many of your annual objectives by this time of year. Home and family interests are accentuated on December 23, January 1-6, 10-12, 18-20.

SCORPIO: During the next month you should concentrate on ensuring you are up to date with all your paper work and have maintained contacts with important people. Successful business, career activities and familial associations depend upon good communication during this period. Use to your advantage on December 23, January 4-6.

SAGITTARIUS: Many Sagittarians will be out there earning the dollar until January 20, with more ease than usual - perhaps because of the good overtime rates. This is also an excellent time for job hunting. The best dates for these affairs are December 23, January 4-6, whilst January 1-3, 10-12, 18-20 highlight negative potential of this period.

CAPRICORN: Personal needs should be given priority during the coming month as it is time to reassess your personal needs and prune areas of inefficiency. This is necessary for new growth and you will feel the better for it at the end of this birthday month. The days of December 23, January 4-6 are good dates for these affairs.

AQUARIUS: At this time of year you should be reviewing life: and particularly the way in which you handle your associations. The coming month produces some important developments in a marriage or business partnership. Excellent dates for these affairs include December 23, January 4-6.

PISCES: Your social life is generally good over the Christmas and New Year period, with the best current dates falling on December 23, January 4-6. Pisceans will join in the good-will of the season, ever ready to help friends in need. This is also good period for achieving work related objectives.

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