Horoscopes: week beginning November 25

ARIES: You seem to be very well organised during November 26-30, facilitating progress along your chosen career path or generally, in connection to your life direction. November 27, 28 will be filled with discussions and activities connected to travel arrangements, advertising, a legal or academic matter, which can only lead to good things.

TAURUS: November 26-30 is excellent for research, the acquisition of knowledge, travel, and legal matters. This is a long journey so attention to detail is important. There is likely to be favourable news concerning a refund or bonus during November 27, 28. Some Taureans will be quite lucky with investment and speculative transactions then.

GEMINI: Gemini’s management of minimal financial resources is sound and considered during November 26-30. You’ll get great mileage out of your dollars with good planning. The success of a property or domestic matter hinges on the co-operation of another party during November 27, 28. Discussions centre on these issues; utilise the opportunity.

CANCER: November 26-30 is a time of strengthened partnerships, as actions taken now are likely to shore up associations and contribute to the stability and longevity of the association. There are many things that require your attention at work during November 27, 28. Some Cancerians will need to discuss a health or fitness matter with someone in the know.

LEO: It’s a matter of going through the routines and motions where work is concerned during November 26-30. Steady progress and good outcomes can be expected from these efforts. November 27, 28 is likely to be a busy time as Leonine individuals strive to fit in activities with children, time with someone special, or in pursuit of your personal interests.

VIRGO: There’s a strong connection to children during November 26-30, when it is possible to establish good communication with essential parties and to plan well. The domestic scene will require your personal attention during November 27, 28 as there is so much going on. You will manage to handle things well, and can turn opportunity to advantage.

LIBRA: Routine and sameness is an advantage where home and family is concerned, especially during November 26-30. There is much that can be achieved by working together. For natives of Libra, the accent is on communication and travel during November 27, 28. Trust your instincts on these matters and do not leave anything to chance.

SCORPIO: Plans laid down during November 26-30 are very workable and results are enduring. Great attention to detail and personal effort will ensure quality outcomes. There will be a lot of paper work around you in connection with a financial matter during November 27, 28. A degree of success may be expected in negotiations.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarian finances are enhanced by a steady attitude and hand during November 26-30. This is a good time to look for work, but better in maintaining the status quo. For Sagittarians, November 27, 28 brings news and events concerning a marriage, partnership, travel, academic or legal matter or a message from a distance.

CAPRICORN: Capricorn natives are very sure of themselves during November 26-30, guided by a certain direction and supported by family. All this makes for the easier achievement of goals. There is a lot of background work to be done during November 27, 28 which you must handle personally. If you need advice, don’t be frightened to ask the appropriate people.

AQUARIUS: November 26-30 is a time of treading water and Aquarius is sensible enough to realise this current reality of their life. It’s all about maintaining the status quo right now. There will be negotiations around a financial matter during November 27, 28, relative to taxation, insurance, a loan or your partner’s income. Preparation is important, so expect to be busy.

PISCES: Pisceans are working steadily towards their long-term goals during November 26-30. Solid progress is made then whilst you find time to enjoy your regular social connections. Your services and skills will be very much in demand during November 27, 28 as you tackle whatever tasks lie before you. Your plans take precedence over most things at the moment.

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