St Philomena's School celebrates World Mission Month

St Philomena’s School came together last week to celebrate World Mission Month with some fun activities, raising more than $1,400 for Catholic Missions.

October is World Mission Month which is celebrated every year in every country wherever there are Christians committed to building a better world for all. 

The theme of this year’s Catholic Mission Month was ‘Healing a nation through education’ with a special action focus on Myanmar.

On Friday, October 26 students from kindergarten to year 10 came together to celebrate with a liturgy.

All staff and students walked barefoot to the hall, in solidarity with those thousands of children who do not have shoes to wear to school each day. 

“We deepened our understanding of how fortunate we are to live the lives we do,” organising teacher Mary Davison said.


On Monday, October 29 the school held a Paupers’ Banquet, providing an opportunity for students to experience what life is like to have not much to eat, while others have plenty.

Twenty lucky students were drawn out from 500 plus tickets and feasted like kings and queens on delicious party food, while the remainder of the students watched on, eating only a wrap.

The following day the school ‘socked-it-to-poverty’ by having a crazy sock day.

Students bought a new pair of socks to donate and hung them on the line. At lunch time students from kindergarten to year 10 came together for a ‘Rock your Socks Off Dance Party’. 

“At our local St Vincent de Paul shop, socks are the least donated item and most sought after,” Ms Davison said.

A total of 372 pairs of socks will now be donated to the Moree St Vincent de Paul Shop to support those in need in the community.

All up, the school community managed to raise a total of $1,422.55 for Catholic Missions.