Four Bellata Public School students receive honour badges

Bellata Public School students work hard every day to earn yellow cards to work their way up the merit system.

Yellow cards can be earned for good behaviour, work ethic, book work, sportsmanship, friendship, etc.

Students need to accumulate seven yellow cards to receive a maroon award, seven maroon awards to receive a gold award and finally three gold awards to receive an Honour Badge.

Students who work consistently well throughout their school life attaining yellow cards can earn multiple Honour Badges.

In recent weeks there have been two students who have received their first Honour Badges. Chloe Gillogly and Andrew Stolzenberg have both joined the ranks as Honour Badge recipients.


Allira Stolzenberg and Gordie Cooper have worked extra hard and were awarded their second Honour Badges.

All these students had their families on hand to pin on their badges after having them presented by principal Vivianne Fouracre and teacher Kim Kirkby.

To celebrate this exciting milestone, these students have also been honoured with a series of special morning teas to share with their family and friends.

Congratulations to Chloe, Andrew, Allira and Gordie!