State Government announce $2 million wine marketing campaign at Topper’s Mountain

Adam Marshall, Angus Barnes and Mark Kirkby.
Adam Marshall, Angus Barnes and Mark Kirkby.

As rural communities continue to feel the crippling effects of drought, the state government has launched a $2 million wine marketing campaign aimed to drive international visitation to rural and regional NSW.

Minister for Tourism and Major Events Adam Marshall said the campaign would involved a mix of new and traditional marketing showcasing wineries such as Moree’s Woolaway Wines.

“Every extra tourist, interstate or international, we can drag to regional areas for a few nights helps drought-stricken communities get through what is a rough period.

“It will help sustain the local economy but hopefully in the longer term this campaign helps create new jobs and wineries like Topper’s develop a sophisticated seller door with an outward facing environment to encourage tourists to get involved.”

The marketing campaign was announced as part of the government’s NSW Food and Wine Tourism Strategy, created with the help of Wine Industry Association Incorporated (NSWWIA).

Mr Marshall said another goal of the campaign was to see more wine producers’ products on the international markets.

“We are producers of the best quality wines you will find anywhere in the world.

“We want to use the massive asset base and resources we have in our 14 wine regions throughout the state to act as a magnet to lure more of those international tourists across the Great Dividing Range.”

Taking many forms, the campaign will be shared across print media, television and social media to package some of the regions as a whole food and wine experience.

A number of overseas journalists will be flown to regional NSW on familiarisation tours as part of the campaign.

“Social media influencers will also be engaged as social media has become such a driving force influencing people world wide when deciding where to holiday.”

Angus Barnes from the NSWWIA said the marketing campaign would help inform international tourists about the great experiences they can have visiting wine regional of NSW.

“While we are keen to grow the wine industry, we also know the importance of the tourism facilities right across the regions that have a wine focus.”

This story Driving tourism to rural wineries first appeared on The Inverell Times.