Bellata Public School students dress up for Fairy Tale-themed Grandparents Day, Open Day and Book Week Parade

Bellata Public School held its annual Grandparents Day, in conjunction with its Open Day and Book Week Book Parade last Friday, October 26.

The theme for the day was ‘Fairy Tales’ and students were lucky to have a visit from Snow White (aka Mrs Shelli Morse), Cinderella (aka Mrs Viv Fouracre) and Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk (aka Mrs Kim Kirkby). The three special visitors needed some help from the students to solve some problems they were having.

Snow White had issues with her Dwarf seating plan for dinner time. Students had to use their problem-solving skills to help Snow figure out the perfect arrangement so there were no fights between the Dwarfs at the table!

Cinderella was in desperate need of a new carriage to get her to the ball. Students were given one sheet of A4 paper and 6cm of sticky tape to create their models. Then, using a straw, had to blow their Carriages three metres in under ten seconds. Cinderella found some very successful designs to take back to her carriage maker.


Finally, Jack needed some help to plant more beanstalks seeing as he chopped down his last one. Students made pots out of toilet rolls and planted dozens of bean seeds. It’s exciting now to watch them grow.

The special visitors stayed around to watch the children in their book parade. The costumes were fantastic. There were princesses, unicorns, fairies, Little Red Riding Hood, clowns, pirates, a pesky pea that made the mattress lumpy and Luigi to name a few.

Throughout the day, parents and grandparents were taken into the classrooms and to have a look at the book fair. This is a very exciting time for the students and it is evident how proud they are of their work when showing their parents and grandparents.

The students got to share a picnic lunch with their visitors at 1pm. Some also enjoyed a few games in the playground with their grandparents, while others checked out the treasures at the book fair which was on display in the library.