Moree's Danny Cheetham honoured at fight night after saving referee’s life in Casino

Moree's Danny Cheetham with League Boxing Inc founder Denis Magnay.
Moree's Danny Cheetham with League Boxing Inc founder Denis Magnay.

League Boxing Inc (NSW) presented Moree’s Danny Cheetham with a plaque of appreciation after he helped save a referee’s life during a bout at Casino in 2013.

Cheetham humbly entered the ring on Saturday evening, during Moree’s fight night, to accept the accolade off the very man he saved, Denis Magnay.

Magnay spoke highly of Cheetham’s prompt and efficient action to save his life that night and simply said he wouldn’t of been alive if it not for the Moree man.

Cheetham was in Casino on September 12, 2013 judging a bout between Ben West and Tyler White at the RSM Club, refereed by Magnay.

“Denis fell over and I thought he’d just hop back up but he didn’t. I realised what was going on and flew up under the bottom rope and tore his shirt off.

Luckily one of the boxers competing, West, was a wardsman in the operating theatre at Lismore Base Hospital and swung into action with Cheetham.


“He was as dead as a doornail in the middle of the ring,” Cheetham said.

The two men, acting off pure instinct, worked together to provide sufficient CPR on Magnay before the manager of the RSM Club brought in a defibrillator.

CPR saved his life by maintaining oxygen to his brain while the defib brought back his pulse.

Paramedics later took over the situation rushing the ref to hospital.

“Luckily Denis pulled through. It was great seeing him alive and well on Saturday night in Moree,” he said.

Magnay is the founder of League Boxing Inc.