Rayne Single claims Adam Marshall is trying to trick voters

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Northern Tablelands candidate Rayne Single hit-back at Adam Marshall’s call for a so-called ‘community campaign’ to raise $80 million for Moree District Hospital.

“Any moves to bring extra funds to Moree Hospital are welcome, but Adam Marshall is trying to trick voters with his so-called ‘community campaign’. It actually proves how ineffective he is as a local Member of Parliament,” Mr Single said.

“Mr Marshall is a senior National Party Minister in his party’s Government. He doesn’t need a petition to deliver a project in his own electorate.

“Either he needs to pick up the phone and call the Liberal Party Health Minister, or he should lean across the table at the next Cabinet meeting and demand more funding.

“Since he needs a petition to secure funding just proves how ineffective he is at delivering for Moree.

“The alternative is that the funds are already there, and Mr Marshall just wants to launch a fake campaign.

“He has a history of this, and we saw just that last July when he and his Tamworth colleague Kevin Anderson started a fake campaign for drought relief funding when they knew funding was on its way.

“People are tired of dirty tricks and rubbery figures. They want somebody who will actually listen to the community and deliver.

“The Northern Tablelands deserve better.”