Moree 1 soccer team secure spot at grand final after victory against Wee Waa United

Moree 1 (white) played against Moree 2 (blue) earlier in the year.
Moree 1 (white) played against Moree 2 (blue) earlier in the year.

Moree 1 soccer team will play for grand final glory this weekend, after the winning team beat Wee Waa United last Saturday.

Strong winds marked the game day and after Wee Waa won the toss, the team decided to run against the unfavourable conditions.

Moree 1 took advantage of the wind and used it to build pressure on their opponent.


Teammate Chris Sims put in a cross from out wide before Alex Madden put the ball into the back of the net.

Shortly afterwards Madden scored again, but a 50/50 off side call denied the goal. The team was brought into check with another offside call before the referee blew the whistle for half-time.

On the back of a 1-0 score, Wee Waa went on the offensive with the wind behind them. Moree held out with a strong back line, despite building momentum from the opposition.

A player injury and a break in defence allowed a Wee Waa striker to make a break for goal.

Central defenders Adam Ha and Adam Sweeney pressured the striker to the right of the field. Despite their teamwork, the striker still managed to a shot at the open goal, but the ball went wide.

With only 10 minutes on left on the clock, both teams cracked under the strain of pressure and gave away multiple penalties.

Though Moree managed to hold off until the final whistle and walk away with a 1-nil victory.

The victorious team will face Narrabri FC at the opposition’s home ground at 3pm this Saturday. The grand final will be a rematch of last year.

Game overview by Moree 1 soccer team striker Alex Madden.